"The Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program enables young educators to refine their teaching skills, increase their English language proficiency and extend their knowledge of the cultures and customs of the United States while engaging in non-degree studies at accredited post-secondary U.S. educational institutions. Along with their studies, FLTAs teach language courses, supervise language labs and lead language table discussions. FLTAs may serve as an instructor of a foreign language class or have a purely teaching assistant role. FLTAs may also act as resource persons in conversation groups, cultural representatives, attendants in language laboratories, coordinators of extra-curricular activities, guest speakers in civilization courses, heads of language clubs, houses, tables and much more."

FLTAs as Cultural Ambassadors

Current and previous FLTAs


  • 2021-2022: Fatema Makhlooq
  • 2019-2020: Tarek Chaouch, Tunisia
  • 2017-2018: Adil El Megaless, Morocco
  • 2016-2017: Mohammed Ajrinija, Morocco


  • 2012-2013: Alia Afzal, India
  • 2011-2012: Sami Khan, India
  • 2010-2011: Rajiv Ranjan, India


  • 2010-2011: Ari Natarina, Indonesia
  • 2006-2007: Patrecia Sianipar, Indonesia


  • 2017-2018: Sol Lee, South Korea
  • 2016-2017: Bo-gyeong Kim, South Korea
  • 2015-2016: Jiyoung Choi, South Korea
  • 2014-2015: Jingyung Kwak, South Korea
  • 2013-2014: Yiseul Yu, South Korea


  • 2012-2013: Micheli Gomes de Souza, Brazil
  • 2011-2012: Clarissa Silva, Brazil
  • 2009-2010: Mariana Ruggiero Colombo, Brazil


  • 2020-2021: Janeth Kivuma
  • 2019-2020: Jasmine Msuya
  • 2018-2019: Leah Nyanginywa, Tanzania
  • 2017-2018: Airo Jalang'O, Tanzania
  • 2016-2017: Eliupendo Mamuya, Tanzania
  • 2015-2016: Asha Keis, Tanzania
  • 2014-2015: Neema Loy, Tanzania
  • 2013-2014: Pius Nambuta, Tanzania


  • 2011-2012: Zuhal Kasmer, Turkey
  • 2010-2011: Ezgi Bahce, Turkey
  • 2006-2007: Buge Karpazli, Cyprus

For more information on FLTA program, please contact ui-dwllc@uiowa.edu.