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The CLCL has partnered with UNESCO City of Literature to develop a community-based multilingual digital storytelling initiative. Working with partners such as Kirkwood Community College, Open Heartland, and the Congolese Association, this initiative will work with recent immigrants to the area to help them tell their stories. These will be available on a forthcoming website and via social media. This project aims to share and uplift stories that celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity in our area. In addition, it creates opportunities for undergraduates to develop their intercultural communicative competencies —their ability to use their language skills to ethically engage with our multilingual neighbors.

Why we tell stories

Humans are natural storytellers. It’s how we form connections and build community. These stories may come in many shapes and sizes, from a long form novel to a sweet and short anecdote. It can be a single memory or the story of a lifetime. No matter what form it takes, stories create a space to share meaning, knowledge, and perspectives that bridge people together.

What is a digital story?

A digital story is like a short film, no longer than 5 minutes, that uses video, audio and photos to tell a personal story and bring it back to life.

What can be gained from this experience?

Volunteering in the Iowa Intersection Multilingual Project is a fantastic opportunity to use your multilingual talents to engage with and learn from our diverse immigrant population here at Iowa City.

You’ll be personally involved in the creation of materials that can help spark a conversation about immigration, culture, language, and diversity.

You’ll learn about and collaborate with the organizations in our area that are already doing their part to work with and help these valuable communities.

You’ll meet the individual members of these communities and use your skills to help them tell their stories and uplift their voices.

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