The CLCL administers a tutoring program in world languages which we highly encourage students to take advantage of! Through this program students have the opportunity to practice their language skills, ask questions related to instructional topics, expand on their cultural horizons, and engage in authentic conversations. See below for times and locations!

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Who are your tutors?

The tutors employed by the CLCL are native speakers or highly proficient users of the languages taught at the University of Iowa.

In addition, to be a tutor through the CLCL, all tutors must complete an online training course that includes five topics and that requires tutors to reflect on how they will implement these topics in their sessions.

The training course includes the following:

  • Getting to Know Your Students' Goals, Interests, and Preferences
  • Managing Tutoring Sessions
  • Helping Students Stay in the Target Language
  • Prioritizing Learning Output
  • Three Ms for Effective Learning