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Multimedia Room

The Multimedia Room (PH 120D) is equipped with podcasting equipment as well as OBS (One Button Studio) equipment. OBS is a user-friendly way for creating high-quality videos. Faculty have used the studios for a range of projects. Students have created instructional videos, given ASL presentations, and recorded foreign language weather reports and music videos. The One Button Studio is a great way to let students show off their creative talents while also engaging in language learning.

The studio has green screen technology that allows for users to be recorded in front of PowerPoint presentations, images, or even video.

Additionally, the Multimedia Room contains podcasting equipment. This includes a Tascam Mixcast 4, high quality microphones, and headphones which all come together to allow for high quality audio/podcast recording.

To reserve the Multimedia Room, stop in at the PH 120 front desk to sign up, or email Jack Doden (jack-doden@uiowa.edu). Also, consider contacting Jack for a tutorial on how to use the podcasting equipment!

Study Rooms

The Study Rooms (all located in PH 120) are equipped with video recording technology and post-production software Camtasia. These easy-to-use studios offer students a way to create video projects for language classes, which can be easily uploaded to ICON sites or emailed to their instructor. These rooms also serve as a quiet, private place to work and study.

Students can reserve these rooms by talking to our student workers at the desk in the CLCL. Faculty and staff can reserve these rooms by contacting your department's concierge.