The CLCL is a great place to host an event! Our Lounge Space (PH120) has abundant seating and audio/visual equipment, allowing for a wide range of event types like movie nights, poster sessions, meetings, guest lectures, and more.

To reserve this space and begin planning an event, contact Director Claire Frances ( no later than TWO WEEKS BEFORE the day you would like to hold the event. She will set up a meeting to discuss specifics. The following information will be covered in planning meetings. NOTE: The CLCL does not provide funding for events.

  • General Description
    • What is the event? (e.g., student group meeting, workshop, class session, movie night, poster session, panel discussion, presentation)
    • Will you be displaying materials? (e.g. PowerPoints, video, printed posters)
  • Scheduling and Keys 
    • Will the event take place after CLCL hours? After building hours? 
    • Have you ensured that no other group will be using the space? 
  • CLCL Staffing
    • Do you need your event recorded or photographed? (NOTE: Captions will be completed by the event organizer as CLCL staff may not be familiar with topics, names, and themes discussed. The CLCL can train event organizers to expedite the captioning process.)
    • Will you need CLCL staff to support this event? (NOTE: This may limit the time your event can be held.)
  • Equipment/Materials
    • What technology will you need? (e.g., microphones or other audio/visual equipment, virtual reality (VR) headsets)
    • Will there be food and do you plan on using the kitchenette? (NOTE: The CLCL does not provide utensils, paper plates, paper towels, etc.)
  • Publicity and Additional Information
    • Do you need the CLCL to promote this event? (e.g., poster creation, social media post, digital signage, University Events Calendar)
    • What other details do you think we should know about beforehand?