Club Bilingüe poster

If you have a course or event that you would like to promote, we can make flyers, posters, and digital signs for you! See the example to the left.

Send us the following at least THREE DAYS BEFORE you need the promotional material:

  • Basic information (title, time, location, and a brief description of the course/event).
  • A picture or two that relate to the course/event. If you don't send a picture, we can look for one for you. We recommend sending a picture, however, as not doing so may lengthen turnaround time.

To help us efficiently create materials, any specifications you have are also welcome. This can be a general aesthetic (e.g., "This event is a weekly coffee chat, so something that captures the ambience of a coffee shop would be nice.") or something more specific (e.g., "Do not use pictures that include words. I don't like how busy posters look when the event information is on top of pictures with words.").

If interested, contact to inquire about this service.