Staff in the CLCL also have strong backgrounds in instructional design, allowing us to help faculty with technology integration, course design, and/or observation.

  • Technological Integration: We can help both with generating ideas for how to use a specific technology you have in mind or we can research technology for a specific activity or assignment. We can work with you to incorporate this technology into your course.
  • Course Design: We can help design various aspects of your course if you're looking to change, to incorporate new ideas, or just to hear a fresh perspective. This can include individual assignments/activities/assessments or larger-scale course structure.
  • Observation: If you are interested in hearing feedback from a new perspective about an aspect of your course, CLCL staff can come observe and give thoughts about it.

Overall, their expertise in instructional design can enhance language education by combining innovation, collaboration, and a focus on student success.

If interested, contact to inquire about this service.